Multi-Gender Crowd Demonstrates For Balinese Women And Children
Author: M. G.
Saturday 4th of May 2013 10:47:51 AM

On the 21st April, Indonesia celebrates Kartini Day, a day to commemorate Raden Ajeng Kartin, a pioneer in the area of women's rights for Indonesians and, therefore, a national heroine.

This year, Kuta's Transvestite Community (OGAWATA) played an active role during celebrations in Bali, together with others from different socially engaged associations and university students, organized under the umbrella "People in Support of Women and Children". They all gathered in Bali's capital city Densapar, near the Baira Sandh Monument - the monument of Balinese People Struggle - and gave roses to the bystanders, delivered speeches and performed plays with the aim to ask the government to take actions on many crucial aspects of Bali's society.



The diverse and colourful crowd demonstrated for the end of violence against women and children through a proper legislation, the end of gender discrimination and marginalization for women, children, HIV+, disabled as well as LGBT people. They also asked a female representation of at least 50% in the house of representatives - This discussion also went on in the Italian government. I really hope Indonesian administration will react differently than the Italian one - that stills needs a law to give a correct representation for women in the parliament. -



I think that this is an example, and another evidence, of the highly progressive environment of organizations in this Asiatic region. The more united the people are; - despite any difference of gender - the louder and more effective the actions will be. This is not just a lesson for anybody, it is an invitation to share our beliefs and motivations and take actions together with whoever is fighting for a cause we feel is right.


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