Open Letter To A Gay Porn Site Showing Bareback Sex
Author: Ninette Murk
Friday 1st of November 2013 08:29:32 PM

Dear Sean Cody,

I love your site and have been a loyal viewer. I will be as long as you are in business. I normally do not write letters like this. I believe in allowing every small business the freedom to operate the way it wants. But I also think your customers have the right to question some of the things you do, in this case your decision to start filming and marketing bareback porn.

I know that for years the straight adult film business has gone condom-less. Condom-less porn is hot. There is no denying it. In my own life, I always use condoms until I know someone for a very long time and even then you wonder, right? But guys, seriously, I am worried about your site. I am in my 30s and I have literally heard 18-year-olds say the following: “If I get something, it doesn’t matter. I go get on pills and I’m fine.” I actually moved over and got in the middle of this conversation at a bar. My buddies thought I was an idiot, but I wanted to understand.

So I asked them, “Why do you think not using a condom is okay?”  The answer came, “Dude, no one wears condoms anymore that was like 10 years ago when you had to.” I said what the heck. Another guy, who looked to be about 20, jumped in to add, “Well, the porn companies stopped using them.”

Wow. So you see that at least in some cases these “kids” are watching porn and then thinking it’s okay. No one looks at the brief warnings you put at the beginning of the videos when you are horny, guys. I mean, look, it is hotter. But I, for once, do not actively seek out raw fucking when I’m surfing for porn. In fact, the men who do actually might  be a very small percentage. You might have research on your own customer tastes that differs, but there are porn companies such as CockyBoys who are doing quite well while maintaining a condom code.

Get with the facts. As a bottom, you can’t tell if a guy is wearing a condom or not. I will admit as a top I don’t love wearing a condom, but I do it anyway because it is the right thing to do for me and my partners.

So I am pleading with you guys: please re-think your new policy of all of this condom-less sex? I mean, I’m not asking you to be the watchdog for the gay community. You have a business to run. But you also do have a responsibility to care about your customers. It is wrong to profit off their suffering. I learned at an early age growing up that you always wore a condom, every time you have anal intercourse, and in every bar some organization had them easily available if I didn’t have time to get some or the cash to buy them.

Now I am worried about the kids who are coming out now, long after I did, not to mention the models you employ in your films. Are they learning the same message that I did?  Why did you,, stop requiring condoms when as a company you used them in the first place?  You are my favorite, so I am writing to you. But this applies to the other gay sex websites, too. I mean if you used them before why can’t you just use them again–or at the very least cordon off that section of your site for that specific use. And put up a real warning, by making the use of condoms look sexy as hell in trailers or wherever. It’s the right thing to do.

Once again, I am all for businesses doing what they want but I also feel once you reach a certain status, financial and otherwise, in a community as vulnerable as ours, you owe it to your audience to do the right thing.

I am sure I am going to receive a form letter from you that says something like “every performer is tested before the shoot and then retested” or some crap like that. But most guys who have seen one of your movies do not have the foggiest notion about all that. And even if he does, what are the chances that it will be on the top of his mind  when he meets a guy while out drinking at a bar? Instead, it’s the image of the allure of raw sex that will be emblazoned in his mind. And this means me, too: I’ve fantasized about some of your guys at the very moment of decision when I’m with a guy. Even for me, it’s getting harder and harder (pardon the pun) to put aside the image. I’ve stopped watching a lot of your raw videos for that very reason: to avoid the temptation in my own sex life. By watching hot, healthy-looking guys going at it in porn I risk desensitizing myself to the dangers, especially since nowadays, the dangers can seem far in the future.

A lot of men of all ages no longer understand how dangerous HIV remains, but particularly young men who have not seen AIDS kill. They see HIV-positive friends (and even some porn models) thriving with treatment. And that’s good. But HIV still damages your body and the treatment can be toxic over the long term.

I know you guys probably get letters like this all the time. I know you have your lawyered up a once paragraph response. I imagine your models must sign a contract waiving your responsibility should they get infected or get an STD on one of your sets or, more likely, take the practices home with them and into their own personal lives. I’d like if the powers-that-be at Sean Cody would really think carefully about what the company is doing. You may be thriving financially, but do you feel comfortable profiting in this way?

Thank you in advance for reading this and at least considering what I have to say. I’d really like to know: you built a company around latex. What the hell changed? Why?

Again, I’m a loyal viewer, so much so that at one time I fantasized about being a model on your site (well, at least if you ever hired men in their 30s — LOL).

I look forward to your non-auto response on this. Thanks all.

Kind Regards,

Jon Patton

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