Real Bros Treat An Unconscious Girl With Respect!
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Thursday 4th of April 2013 01:59:37 PM


How do "real men" react when a girl is drunk and unconscious? Well, a student from University of Oregon student tells us to treat her with RESPECT. In an anti-rape public service announcement that he made, entitled "A Needed Response," he shows viewers how to react when you encounter a woman who has had too much to drink. The video is a direct response to a rape case in Steubenville, Ohio, where two teenage football players sexually assaulted an unconscious girl.

"Hey bros, check who passed out on the couch," a young man in the video says. "Guess what I'm going to do to her?" He then puts a pillow under her head, covers her with a blanket and leaves some coffee on a table near her. He looks directly at the camera and says, "Real men treat women with respect."

The video has already received over one million views on YouTube and let's hope this "Bro PSA" will talk some sense into people!

Watch the video here:




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