Sia Covers Eminem’s Ass
Author: M. G.
Friday 8th of November 2013 12:54:51 PM

Sia is cool. She is experiencing an incredible moment in her career and she is collaborating with many major artists of the moment, like Katy Perry, Diplo, Demi Lovato and others. She also collaborated with Eminem for his latest LP ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2', singing the song "Beautiful Pain" and for this reason she got involved in one of the typical polemics regarding Slim Shady's songs and lyrics.

"Break a motherfucker's table over the back of a couple of faggots and crack it in half" is part of the lyrics of ‘Rap God', another song from the same LP and Keo Nazari from the Huffington Post criticized Sia by saying: "With [the] rash of bullying and suicides, it's truly disappointing you have aligned your talent with someone so wholly insensitive to human rights".

Eminem already defended himself on this matter on November 4 in Rolling Stones, by saying he's not homophobic and after 14 years of his career people should know that his personal opinions are something different from the character he creates on stage. "If someone doesn't understand that by now, I don't think there's anything I can do to change their mind about it". I personally believe him, but I would also have been a bit more honest and say that insults and angry feelings in general work pretty well when it comes to selling stuff. This is not true just in music but, for instance, also in politics, because rage and anger get people excited.

By the way, Sia eventually replied on Twitter: "I guess my only hope at this point is that 'Beautiful Pain' will do more good than 'Rap God' does harm", plus she decided to take her and also Eminem's responsibility seriously and did the right thing. Since she defines herself as queer too and she is a public figure spreading messages to young people, she is going to donate the proceeds she will receive from "Beautiful Pain" to the Los Angeles LGBT center to help homeless LGBT youth.

Personally, I don't like the word ‘faggot' because I think it's so stupid! I don't care too much when I hear it, especially because many times it's used not to insult gays, but other straight men - as if to say ‘You're not man enough'. If you use it, maybe you don't really have anything against gays, you're simply just an idiot and I don't like blaming stupidity.


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