Top 10 Gay Movie Clichés
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Thursday 28th of March 2013 09:08:32 PM


Since I am a big lover of movie and a tireless explorer of movie language, I can‘t resist writing about that. Maybe some of you have noticed that most gay movies are full of stereotype scenes. After spending a week at the BFI's festival of short gay films, Guardian columnist Jack Cullen noticed some clichés that are often used. Obviously nothing portrays the gay psyche better than the gay boy, sitting in the homophobic inferno of the school bus, longingly staring at bleak sky and trees that sway.
The moody and somber, yet just a tiny bit fabulous ironing mother needs to be watching a bad chat show or a daily TV quiz. When her gay son comes in from school, after a little dialogue about school and complaining about his piles of dirty socks, she will ask if he is gay and act shocked by his answer, even if she already spotted the cock ring and poppers in his bedroom. Working class mothers are generally the best, but a rich bitch can work too. Or scenes of gratuitous rage, where a gay young man cries out something like "How dare that boy call me a faggot!? How dare my dad suggest he wants me to be straight like him and everyone else he's ever known!?" These scenes are mostly
 followed by throwing a mobile phone on the floor so that the battery pack smashes in a thousand pieces, or by cycling away furiously while bent over his handlebars with a frown on his face. The main character takes a shower, as most people tend to do but, for some reason, this always has to be included in the film. Unlike regular showers, it goes on for very long time, with plenty of foam, although some shower scenes (Midnight Express, Gus Van San’t Elephant) get it just right.

These are just few genre clichés that Jack Cullen has detected. If I tickled your curiosity, you can read about many other clichés here:


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