A Day Without Internet
Author: M. G.
Thursday 16th of May 2013 05:09:06 PM

How can an organization like DAA work having an Internet blackout? Yesterday we experienced this problem and luckily we found a way to make our day productive as well. You couldn't have read our entries though, I know you all missed us so bad, and I really thank you for the affection. Wednesday is the cleaning day, it's the only day in the working week when we don't run to our laptops from the moment we wake up, looking for an entry's subject. Thus, we didn't notice anything until the early afternoon, when everything was finally clean and shiny, and we were ready for our hunt on the net:

"Oh, Matteo, Internet is down today"
"Are you sure? Maybe is just your computer, Brana..." - with my usual I-know-all attitude - "... Oh, no, you're right actually..." - surprised without any reason to be disproved.

Consequently I immediately called Ayke as she would have been gifted with the power to revive the Wi-Fi connection but sadly I was disproved a second time. I had to admit we were cut out from the telematic world - also the normal phone connection was down! I started thinking if I could do something without the need of the Internet and I eventually came up with some assignments, which I dutifully reported to Ayke and I'm glad she was able to keep my panic under control. We had already planned to spend one afternoon watching "Rent" - a movie which is an adaption of a Broadway Musical about HIV - which is an adaption of the opera play "La Boheme" by Giacomo Puccini - . Therefore we decided that it was the perfect day for our movie-afternoon. I knew that this musical is one of the Ayke's favourite movies ever, and I was sincerely curious, on the other hand I'd lie if I said that I like musicals... In this occasion I was not refuted, after 10 minutes of film, during the refrain of the second song, I started annoying everyone with my:

"Do they always sing during this film?"
"Dah!? It's a musical..."
"Yes, good point... And how long are the songs? I mean, the average length..."
"Ok, if you want you can do your other stuff instead of watching the movie".
"Ok, I will stay with you"
"In silence".

I watched the whole musical, and it was one of the most difficult assignments I was ever given. By the way, it was worth it since I understand now that also a musical can teach you something - surprising, uh? Seriously, one line of "La Vie Boheme" - the song that in my opinion is the nicest of the musical - says the slogan "Actual reality: act up, fight AIDS". Easy to understand and clear in the proposal. Plus, it perfectly describes why and how DAA is fighting its battle and, with or without the support of the Internet, will always be.



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