AIDStravaganza Night by ACT UP London On December 10th
Author: Ninette Murk
Friday 21st of August 2015 05:24:16 PM
In the weeks leading up to World AIDS Day 2015, ACT UP London has been reaching out to artists in the city and beyond, to integrate new designs and visual subversion into the contemporary fight against HIV. Now you can see their works and more at the AIDStravaganza night.

ACT UP LONDON World AIDS Day AIDStravaganza hosts a night to remember including incredible artists, activists, cabaret performers and speakers. The night will  usher in the new generation of 'Aids Coalition To Unleash Power' (ACT UP) art and inspire us to take to the streets until there is an HIV / AIDS Cure for all. With special presentation from the original members of 'Gran Fury' ACT UP art collective who made the famous 'Silence = Death' design. The night will also have performances and contributions from DENIM, world-renowned choreographer and action-architect Mehmet Sander and ‘Your Nostalgia is Killing Me’ presentation from 'Creatively Queer' at Kings College London. Facebook page here. All details at ACT UP LONDON website. All press requests to

Where and when: Thursday December 10th 2015 - Hackney Attic - 270 Mare St, London E8 1HE. 7.30-11pm. Wheelchair accessible. 

Tickets at -

£7.50 adv, with a concessionary option of £6.50 - or £8.50 on the door. 

About ACT Up London
During the ‘first silence’ in the 80s, ACT UP was famous for its strong artistic component. Art collective Gran Fury (look up their archive at Queer Cultural Center) took on the role of ACT UP’s unofficial propaganda machine, employing and subverting brand advertising techniques to build a powerful visual presence in the fight against AIDS. Keith Haring’s pop art and graffiti art has come to visually define central aspects of that period, and continues to be employed today in radical actions around HIV/AIDS.

We live in different times and today we are faced with different emergencies. While the AIDS crisis in the USA during the 1980s meant that the reality of death was ever-present, HIV is considered, at least in the ‘west’, a ‘life sentence’ rather than a death sentence. In different parts of the world, this is a very different story. Access to ARVs and other HIV services is extremely unequally distributed. Pharmaceutical companies reap giant profits from limiting access to drugs, and states reap giant ideological benefits from the class, race, gender, and sexuality borders that exploitation of the virus creates.

The contemporary emergency that we face now is a ‘Second Silence’ created by this global neoliberal mandate, decimating services at home and abroad, entrenching discrimination, hierarchy, and stigma. HIV infection rates are on the increase, and access to vital treatments obstructed by corporate greed.


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