Author: Veronica Radicati
Tuesday 2nd of October 2012 06:31:12 PM

So our second day here was all about the stock/archive room and getting to know past collections <3

The girls and I even got to try on our favorite item and improvise a photo-shoot..!
Since I'm a sucker for big poses and shoulder pads, I picked a fierce warrior-inspired top made by independent fashion designer Grace Duval for DAA.
It was, hands-down, the coolest and most useful item of all the collections we looked at. What could be more convenient than buying a top that comes with condoms on it? Don't know about you, but I always lose everything... so having them stuck on me could definitely be handy...Plus no more excuses from your guy either since he can just pick one off you ;-) x  La Vero 


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