Back to Germany!
Author: Niki Kro
Monday 4th of February 2013 12:27:03 PM

No I haven't left DAA so far - don't worry! I just visited a friend last weekend who studys now in Trier, Germany. One year ago we were classmates and shared school banks. Now he's in Trier and I'm here in Belgium. Who would have thought that? I, certainly not, but that's life! It was also kind of my first 'real-student-life' experience - apart from Ayke's memorable demonstrations - and I can really say now that I'm really looking forward to this time. :-) But of course the culture part of our schedule didn't go too short. One day we visit the nearby city of Luxembourg. There, the food prices are unfortunately not studentfriendly at all. But who cares if the cigarettes are so cheap? - No, I'm just kidding. In the end cheap sandwiches and coffees filled up our empty stomachs. All in all it was a really nice trip, but I'm also glad to be back at DAA with my own bed and with new ideas for our projects :-)


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