Bryan From AFA Shows His Love For Black Males
Author: M. G.
Monday 10th of February 2014 12:54:14 PM

I'm not from the United States, I've never lived there so I can't really understand the culture of this nation, especially when it comes to conservative people. I come from Italy, which is quite conservative country too - I mean, we have the Pope! Still, I think that American conservatives don't have a clear idea about what's propaganda and what's the promotion of a cultural point of view.

I'm saying this after having heard the declaration of Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association (AFA). Let me quote these amazing statements: "If you care about black people, and we do, I'm telling you people, I'm telling ladies and gentlemen, it's the people who do not care about the health of black males that are all for the normalization of homosexuality [...] Why am I opposed to the normalization of homosexual behavior? Because I love black males." WOW! Bryan, I love you too, even though I'm not a black male. What was that?!

The speech was given during US Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and Fischer expressed his concern about the "black genocide" happening because of the HIV epidemic. We are not given the chance to understand why on earth gay normalization also means to promote the ‘black genocide' and I really would like to ask Bryan many questions: is it about morals and morality? Is it about the conception of sex in the gay community? If the whole Western society -and its media- were less focused on sex, then maybe we could really have a serious conversation about what sex in the gay community is about. I can reassure Bryan that in the gay community there are many different ways of experiencing sex, exactly as it happens with straight people.

Young black men who have sex with men are one of the groups at a higher risk of infection, they need knowledge and education about sex and I would be very curious to know which is the best solution according to the opinion of Mister Fischer from the Family Association - who really loves black men, ladies and gentlemen. Let me guess, abstinence before the wedding?

The UNAIDS reports clearly state the importance of HIV prevention and of inclusive programs for homosexuals, especially in homophobic societies - both in Western and non-Western countries, as these groups are at higher risk of infections and are victims of stigma and prejudice more. HIV/AIDS is a social issue that calls for acceptance and understanding, a finger pointed against any kind of minority, any act of marginalization, are just words of propaganda. These are the real threats we should be worried about.


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