Bye bye IHAEC
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Sunday 6th of November 2011 07:56:21 PM

Today the house that we have spent the last two months in became very quiet and we were all very sad. Even the sky turned grey and the clouds came close to crying because it was time for Clizia and Alexandra to go home.
It's not all thunder and tears though, Veniamin is staying for a few more weeks to do some tasks for DAA and Clizia and Alexandra will be back in Antwerp in a few weeks time to live and work in this beautiful city.
We all fell in love with Antwerp.

Working on the DAAbyJBC project was an amazing experience for us all. We learned a lot of new things, mastered useful skills and became more confident. We had the creative freedom and a great team to implement our ideas. We learnt so much as individuals and as part of a team, sharing our ideas and implementing projects that we wouldn't have done on our own. 

For Alexandra it was the first time she had worked on a social cause and was grateful she had the opportunity to use her creativity in this way.
"I think my design inspirations are gonna be more deep now, not just aesthetic", she said.
Thanks to Ninette and Peke for creating a family atmosphere. It was so easy to feel at home straight away. Your support and encouragment has not gone unnoticed. Thanks to Abelone for her gorgeous workshops and friendship and the cats (Smlie, Spouky and Mousy)! Thanks to everybody for this experience. We are proud to have been a part of Designers Against AIDS.

Thank you and vaarwel

Clizia, Alexandra and Veniamin

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