Christmas Time, Love Handles Time
Author: Niki Kro
Monday 26th of November 2012 04:27:49 PM

Throw away the body scale because there's NO way that you're staying skinny with Christmas. ... Thanks to the great traditions and of course the kilos of food... then thanks to so many nice traditions --especially concerning eating habits-- there's unfortunately really no way to gain no weight. Some traditions accompany you your whole life while others stop when you grow up, for example the Advent calender. From the first of December until Christmas evening kids open a little door in their calendar every day, where a little candy can be found. For sure it was invented to make the time before Christmas more bearable for impatient kids and their parents of course, because candy is always a good way to calm kids down. That could be a reason why the tradition ends normally after your childhood, but why? Advent calenders exist in so many different ways and especially the homemade ones can be arranged in a really cheap way. And even if you no longer long for the chocolates, we can advice you to replace those sweets with others, condoms maybe? That could be your pre-Christmas present for your partner or friend that also reduces the stress of buying presents in the pre-Christmas time. Make somebody happy with a special present which also prevents STDs or HIV, gifts that are a lot less welcome X Nikola



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