Congrats, you just bought a virgin!
Author: Niki Kro
Tuesday 30th of October 2012 03:46:37 PM

Did you know you can get EVERYTHING online? Want proof?
One week ago you could see a Australian documentary in which two people sold their virginity -I do not kid you. Initiated by Australian filmmaker Thomas Williams, a Brazilian female and an Australian male agreed on selling their virginity in a worldwide auction. The girl received 15 bids and the proud winner was a Japanese guy who was willing to pay $780.000 for this divine experience. For the boy, a Brazilian women raised $3000. According to the girl, the action is basic business. Everything is set through contracts, from the anonymity of the bidder through to the transports, flights, accomodations and the interview before and after the act. What a crazy world it is out there! Let's at least hope they include condoms in that contract .... X Nikola

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