Customized Size Condoms For Giant And Tiny Penises
Author: Saleta A. I.
Monday 6th of October 2014 03:12:00 PM

Because gigantic penis is not just a subject for Russ Meyer's films, like everyone else they need condoms to have safe sex. Many times, men complain that condoms ruin their pleasure and probably this is because they're not using ones suited to their size. The condom feels really tight and it can even leave red marks. On the other hand, small penises also need condoms to suit them- preferably ones that are not likely to fall off during sex - but perhaps finding a smaller size can also be difficult and a little bit embarrassing. A man with a small penis will feel more comfortable if he finds the right fit in condoms and can enjoy safe sex without complexes. The debate about the sizes of condoms is going on in America, where at the moment there are not too many varieties of available sizes. By contrast, TheyFit, an online company based in the UK, supplies condoms for all penis sizes in all Europe: you only have to enter the measurements of your penis - and who has not tried to do this before? - You can use the FitKit that they provide on the website and they will send you a packet with the exact required size. The size will not appear on the packet for your privacy. As they expressed in their philosophy: a better fit, makes for better sex. The size can't be an excuse for safe sex any longer! It's important to eliminate the negative perception that some people have, especially young people, about condom use, because when you use the right size this does not interfere with your pleasure. So now it's the moment to get some condoms that fit well and enjoy sex safely and better than ever!

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