DAA Student discovers Paris
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Tuesday 11th of October 2011 12:51:18 PM

I was always dreaming to go to Paris, but never as a regular tourist. Places of interest attracted me, but when you travel with a group and guide, you don't have control and you lose the ability to see the city as it is. If you travel alone, you have freedom to go wherever you please in a real city, to see what tourists don't see.

Paris is really amazing! I thought, that the romantic spirit of this city was fake, but I was wrong. Every house is full of beauty, every street reminds you of movies you have seen. I saw an old tourist couple standing near the Louvre and kissing. I am sure that this atmosphere made them feel young again.

I 'm also sure that thanks to being in DAA I started to notice the kind of beauty that was hidden to me before. A few months ago fashion was something unknown to me, but now I consider it as one of the most important arts. I was really curious to see how fashionable people in Paris are , comparing to Antwerp and I noticed that they are very different. People are wearing different clothes, probably according to local fashion. But there are as many fashion shops in Antwerp center as in the center of Paris.

I tried French croissants, fried chestnuts, slept on a bench in the park and saw how the Louvre wakes up. Go to Paris and do the same. I promise, you will be tired but absolutely happy!



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