Dinner Against AIDS
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Thursday 22nd of September 2011 11:42:53 AM

Spanish dinner today, thanks to Alexandra and it was really tasty! Our Center became a small Barcelona for one evening.
If you also want to prepare this delicious meal, here is the recipe: GAZPACHO:
1. Сhop tomatoes in blender, add a bit of water.
2. Add half of green pepper, garlic and cucumber, plus 2 spoons of olive oil and salt.
3. Mix with the tomatoes.
4. Optional: add bread to make a good texture....
5. Optional: cut green pepper, onion and toast to put in the gazpacho, serve separately on a plate



1. Peel the potato.
2. Fry the potatoes in the frying pan, add chopped onion (optional).
4. Beat the eggs, the amount depends the size of the tortilla, they should cover the potatoes as shown in the picture.
5. Put the fried potatoes in the dish with eggs and mix.
6. Put this mix back to the frying pan, shake the omelet, making sure not to stick to the sides.
7. When the omelet is done on one side, turn it over and fry the other side as well.
Or as they say in Spain: BUEN PROVECHO!

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