Extraordinary Network Of Underground Galleries, Bridges, Castles… Luxembourg!
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Monday 15th of April 2013 05:47:29 PM


As I’ve promised, I’ll tell you about my journey to Luxembourg. I had to change the train in Brussels and that made my journey even more interesting. I love when I change the trains because it makes a trip more dynamic and keeps you awake. It took me more than four hours to get from Antwerpen to Luxembourg. It was long ride, but the landscapes and the nature made for a perfect distraction.

When I arrived, Luxembourg welcomed me with a sunny day, ideal for city sightseeing. I met my syster Marija and her Italian amico from Luxembourg who guided us trough the town’s sights and attractions. Let me tell you, you have to be physically prepared for Luxembourg. The city is set on several levels, straddling hills and dropping into the two gorges - of Alzette and Pétrusse Rivers. We were astonished by the medieval Luxembourg Castle,established by the Franks, and we sang on the Adolphe Bridge. For me, it was an excitement to see the Skype headquarters and I had to take a picture with me in front of its building, like a real Chinese- take a shoot of a tram moving- tourist.

I also paid three Euros to see the - “The Casemates”- UNESCO World Heritage, an immense underground military defence system, also known as „Gibraltar of the north“.

When I boarded the train on my way back, two girls found me interesting and forced their dad to join them in sitting next to me. They were so sweet, keeping me company for my ride and they gave me at least 15 of their abstract drawings as a present. They even signed them, - like real artists do -with their cute names: Denise and Sophie.

I feel so fulfilled and the trip gave me a new load of energy! I advise you guys to do the same, go out, take a trip, go for it, just do it, and have fun!!



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