Fashion for Life - a great evening!!!
Author: Darja Gontscharov
Tuesday 19th of June 2012 02:32:32 PM

Friday the charity event Fashion for Life has happened. A beautiful evening with music, art and of course fashion. Fashion designers David Paulus, Nathalie d'Anvers -and me too!- showed their collections. But the most important part was the defilé of DAA: their T-shirts and underwear were showed on a 20 meter long catwalk by beautiful & happy young models and everybody could see that they were having fun onstage. All of us were very excited about this event and everybody did a good job- I´m sure the guests liked it. We got a lot of applause and the people were also very generous during the auction.
So a big THANK YOU from Team DAA to everybody who was working on this beautiful event.

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