First Ever Openly Gay Mayor Candidate In Turkey: Can Çavuşoğlu
Author: merve özcangaz
Friday 28th of March 2014 11:39:12 AM

Can Cavuşoğlu (43), who was born in Istanbul, will run in Giresun's district of Bulancak in the March 2014 local elections in a bid to become the first ever openly homosexual mayor in the country. As daily newspaper Hürriyet reports, he is a Turkish man who studied in the United States and his aim is to become the first open member of Turkey's LGBT community to hold public office when he runs to become mayor of a small town on Turkey's Black Sea coast.

He is declaring himself a 'gay, activist, writer, thinker, painter, humanist and women rights activist'. Although he was born in Istanbul, he runs in local elections in the Black Sea town, which is one of the most conservative regions in Turkey, in order to show that LGBT is present everywhere. Thanks to him the first LGBT organization of Black Sea is established.

Cavuşoğluhas looked to win votes by saying that only he can bring American investment to the town thanks to his connections with the US.  Cavuşoğlu is an independent candidate so he is publicizing his own campaign on a discussion website and on his Twitter account. If you want to check, his Twitter name is @cancavusglu.

See you after the elections!

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