From Idea To Newspaper In Just 10 Days
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Thursday 12th of February 2015 01:05:49 PM
If you live in Belgium and you’re on your way to work or something like that, stop for a moment and go buy the newspaper ‘Gazet Van Antwerpen’, because our campaign ‘Fifty shades of safe’ is in it!
Yesterday a journalist called Ninette to ask her about the campaign, Designers Against AIDS and other events occuring in the weeks to come. A photographer came by and took a few pictures of her and today, the campaign was in the newspaper on half a page along with Ninette’s picture and… my name! Yay, I’m super excited because, come on, who doesn’t love to be in the newspaper (if it’s a positive article, of course).
It’s crazy that I have learned how to think of a campaign, make it, promote it and see my name in the newspaper and all of this in just a week and a half. Actually, my plan was to go work in an advertising agency but after these 2 weeks I know that I want to do something with social media. Thanks, Designers Against AIDS!


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