From The Friend Zone Directly To The Condom Zone
Author: Eliška Portužáková
Thursday 25th of September 2014 01:34:24 PM


Everyone has heard a lot about the friend zone, but sometimes it's time to skip to a higher level, right? What's beyond the boundaries of the friend zone? - the condom zone, of course! Or if you prefer, the Co Zone.


'Co Zone' is also the name of a new campaign, resulting from a partnership of Trojan condoms and popular media channel MTV. The advertizing campaign, which in funny way wants to normalize condom use, became part of MTV's awareness project 'It's Your (Sex) Life' ( ) which has been running since 1997. You can see 3 funny 'Co Zone' spots in the broadcasting roster of MTV and its siblings channels, or you can watch them online here:


I love the one with : "I co-zone you, too." Which one is your favourite?


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