Fuck Positive
Author: Niki Kro
Friday 25th of January 2013 11:52:31 AM

Don't get the message wrong, 'Fuck Positive' means to have sex in a safe way, not 'Let's infect each other with HIV'.
That's the idea behind this new Swiss campaign launched for the gay community, since 1 out of 10 gay men is seropositive in Switzerland- around the same figures as in Belgium, by the way. But who talks about it? Unfortunately this happens only very rarely, because it's still such a huge taboo. That's why this new campaign was created, which creates quite a fuss in the media right now and will hopefully have the same effect on the people it's meant for. For all you rebels out there, get yourself your own "Fuck Positive" T-shirt - they're free! http://www.fuckpositive.ch/


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