Funny PIAS Stories
Author: Elias Bosteels
Monday 18th of February 2013 05:25:06 PM

Let me tell you a few little stories about what happened at the PIAS label NITES. These are a few short examples of the experiences I had during the festival. I remember the first day we had one of these big balloons filled with about 50 condoms.

The plan was to throw the condom-filled-balloon in the crowd and at a certain point the balloon would pop. That way the condoms would rain down on the crowd.
So Nicky filled up the balloon with condoms, she was unpacking them in the VIP room, an action that would make sure our presence in the high class VIP-lounge wouldn't go unnoticed. Anyway when the balloon was filled up with condoms it was my task, as the only man in our company, to pump it up with a toy foot pump. Yes I was noticed by a lot of important people there. After this was finished we started walking to the performance where booka shade was filling the room with happiness and a party-atmosphere. We had to walk past a few tables and then the balloon popped. All the condoms were laying on the ground. It was almost impossible to stay standing ourselves because of the laughing at the moment.

Another funny experience was when our new collegue, Branislava, was handing out condoms. She saw the chance to give one to a little kid who was at the festival with his parents. She gave the condom at the kid who didn't really understand at first, but his parents did. They started laughing and joking, "well now you're old enough son" they said. The boy's head strated graduatly glowing more and more red. He smiled and said thank you in a shy way. Then he fastly walked away with his, still laughing, parents chasing him.

It was also very funny to see how people, at first sight, thought it was just another flyer and they weren't interested but when they pushed a little bit on the plastic they realised this wasn't just another flyer or the very best party of the year or something similar. Their serious faces transformed in a smiling and thanking one. Some guys even went back a few times, I don't know what they were up to but I hope they had a chance to use them.

Anyway I do believe we made a lot of people very happy that night and of course safer.

It was a lot of fun and I hope we get to do this again sometime




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