HIV/AIDS In The Cinema (Part 2)
Author: Rafael Dieste
Wednesday 12th of November 2014 05:51:31 PM

Philadelphia (1993)

Tom Hanks plays Andrew Beckett, a hotshot Philadelphia lawyer who has been keeping his homosexuality, and the fact that he has AIDS, hidden from his conservative bosses. When he's suddenly and inexplicably fired, Andrew suspects that is because he has AIDS and is determined to fight in court, even as he is losing his battle against the disease. Beckett hires attorney Joe Miller (Denzel Washington) to represent him, but the lawyer must first overcome his own homophobia and fears. Director Jonathan Demme filmed this after winning the Oscar for SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. The amazing cast includes Antonio Banderas, Joanne Woodward, Jason Robards... who were joined by a lot of the cast from SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Bruce Springsteen's haunting song "Streets of Philadelphia" plays over the memorable opening credits. This sensitive, moody film touches a vast array of subjects surrounding homosexuality, heterosexuality, family, death... without ever being sentimental or preachy, which is to its immense credit. An undoubted influence on society's growing acceptance of homosexuality, PHILADELPHIA reminds us how far we've come in that direction, and how far we still need to go.

2 Academy Awards: Best Actor (Tom Hanks), Original Song. 5 Nominations

The Hours (2002)

In 1951, Laura Brown, a pregnant housewife, is planning a party for her husband, but she can't stop reading the novel 'Mrs. Dalloway'. Clarissa Vaughn, a modern woman living in present times is throwing a party for her friend Richard, a famous author dying of AIDS. These two stories are simultaneously linked to the work and life of Virginia Woolf, who's writing the novel mentioned before.

Academy Awards: Best Actress (Nicole Kidman). 9 Nominations


Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

Based on the true-life tale of Ron Woodroof, a drug taking, women loving, homophobic man who, in 1986 was diagnosed with full blown HIV/AIDS and given thirty days to live. He started taking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved AZT, the only legal drug available in the U.S, which brought him to the brink of death. To survive, he smuggled non-toxic, anti-viral medications from all over the world, but still illegal in the U.S. Other AIDS patients sought out his medications skipping hospitals, doctors and AZT. With the help of his doctor, Eve Saks and a fellow patient, Rayon, Ron unintentionally created the Dallas Buyers Club, the first of dozens which would form around the country, providing its paying members with these alternative treatments. The clubs, growing in numbers and clientele, were brought to the attention of the FDA and pharmaceutical companies, which waged an all out war on Ron.

Won 3 Academy Awards: Incluying Best Actor (McConaughey) & Supp. Actor (Leto)

In conclusion these stories not only talks about the disease, they also talk about people fighting for their rights and love of life, from DAA we say that the best way to fight this disease is to prevent it in the first place which can easily be done with a condom and knowing your status.



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