Italians Love Football, Therefore Italians Fight
Author: M. G.
Thursday 11th of April 2013 05:15:14 PM

Yesterday evening a friend of Ayke - Zoe - came at our place and we all spent the evening together.
She just came back from Italy where she spent a few days in Milan. Her actual plan was to go see the opera in La Scala, but the showing, that she bought tickets for, was cancelled... So instead she decided a football match would be a good alternative. She's not really into sports though, since she couldn't remember any of the teams. Then again, I'm not either so... No clue there! By the way her opinion after the match was something like: "Italians are exactly as I imagined, they scream a lot and they make a lot of gestures when they talk... and they fight! There was a fight during the match in the middle of the court". At first I thought that her opinion was an unacceptable generalization, the usual pizza-mandolino-thing, but after a while I realized that almost all Italians love football and we are people who don't agree with eachoter easily... I guess the cliché comes from somewhere... The easiest example is coffee, when you are in a bar in Italy you can stay there for half an hour and hear people asking for ten kinds of espressos - normale, lungo, corto, macchiato freddo, macchiato caldo, tazza grande, tazza piccola ... So, even if I find football one of the most boring sports, it's something that keeps people bounded, especially because it gives them many reasons to fight.
Zoe also brought "La Gazzetta dello Sport", the main sport magazine in Italy, the only one whose pages are not white but pink. The main title was about football, obviously, with a photo of Milan FC's president screaming, I have no idea about his reasons, but it was so funny...

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