Jan, The Terrifying Flying Tongue Demon
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Thursday 2nd of May 2013 04:46:38 PM


I slept only two hours last night, I woke up with one eye closed and my hair looking like a lion’s mane opposing the earth's gravitation. Why, you ask? Well, a few days ago Ayke told me that two of her friends would be coming to our place at night (they decided to play buzz and drink tea together and chit chat over everything) and she prepared me for the possibility that that one of them might be sleeping in the second bed in my bedroom.The days passed slowly, one by one, new information simply covered old information and eventually I totally forgot all about it.

Last night, after a little photo session I made on my laptop camera and surfing on the net, I put on the meditation music and slowly fell into a deep sleep. Then at some moment, a huge dark demon appeared at the door in my room, with a long tongue moving towards my bed. After I realized that the demon was going to get me and that I would be eaten by that giant, terrifying creature, I screamed so loud that I think I woke everyone up in the entire street! At that moment I woke up and saw Jan - Ayke’s friend- standing in the door, frightened and distraught. We just stood completely still for a few moments, with no reaction at all, and then we started laughing… We decided to leave the scene behind us and go to sleep… But I was too disturbed and my heart was beating like crazy. Besides, Jan was snoring very intensively soon -even though he said he wouldn’t- so I couldn’t sleep at all. Somehow I managed to fall sleep at around 7 AM… and of course I had to wake up again at 9.30 AM to start work on time. So now you can understand my face in the picture… But well, if I think about it now, it was actually kind of funny!


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