Let The Workshops Begin!
Author: Dila Amalia
Monday 4th of May 2015 08:39:44 AM

Hello there, my name is Dila and I’m a student who joins the workshop with Designers Against Aids for the new social media platform for Indonesia, which you can find on www.indonesiaagainstaids.com


As I arrived in Bali, Peter and Ninette welcomed me very warmly in their villa. We talked about stuff and over lunch Ninette told me about what we’ll be doing for the next four weeks in the workshop. I’m so excited about this workshop as I’ll learn something new and will have such wonderful experiences in Bali. My heart beats so fast as today is my first day, I’m so nervous yet so excited. And I’m going to start my journey with Designer Against Aids today. I always like to write to express my idea and thoughts. So I find it will be challenging for me, to write and show it to the world, about HIV/AIDS, which has become a big issue in the world as well as my country, Indonesia. I’m really looking forward to write and share my ideas to the young people in Indonesia in a fun and creative way. I hope that my writings can help and inspire them in a positive way.

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