May Day May Day For Sex Workers
Author: Dila Amalia
Saturday 16th of May 2015 02:41:15 AM

May 1st is known to  be a May Day or Labour Day and in many countries –such as Indonesia- it’s a national holiday. The day originated from the trade union movement to celebrate the economic and social success of the workers.

Every year on May Day, workers take part in demonstrations, where they voice their aspirations. This year in Makassar, sex workers participated to the May Day demonstration to defend their rights regarding their job. They demanded to be given a health service by the companies that hire them, because that is a right for all professional workers and they are also aware that the chance of them getting infected with the HIV virus while doing their job is high. Andri, division coordinator for ‘Education and Organization’ for an Institute that accommodates sex workers named ‘Global Inclusion Makassar AIDS Protection’, also told us something interesting and worrying: if sex workers contract the HIV virus, the company where they work, fires them on the spot. Andri thinks that sex workers need special laws for their job to protect them in a better way. Every job has different consequences and it’s important for us to know that.

Just like sex workers know that one the consequences of their job is protecting themselves from getting infected with the HIV virus and other STD’s. Remember that it’s not just sex workers who have that risk: all of us who have unprotected sex can get infected. Please stay safe, always.

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