Message To Straight Men: Gay Guys Will Marry Your Girlfriend!
Author: Niki Kro
Wednesday 14th of November 2012 04:07:12 PM

You know, sometimes our friends the Americans are still quiet prude about certain topics, for example gay marriage. There are still some states where it isn't considered as normal to marry someone of the same sex... That's why College Humor decided to address this issue in quite... a creative way. They're telling gay guys will steal their girlfriends, since we all know they would be better boyfriends. In "Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends" five young gay guys present themselves as the better boyfriends then their straight fellows. Why? Because according to the cliché gay guys share more things in common with women such as the interest in fashion, styling and beauty care and of course Broadway musicals! So straight guys, watch out, because if you don't support gay marriage, they will take one for the team and marry the crap out of your girls. And of course, we consider gay marriage as a right, not a privilege.
X Nikola

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