My favorite T-shirt :-)
Author: Niki Kro
Wednesday 3rd of October 2012 12:14:24 PM

Today the stockroom got a makeover. The t-shirts from our fantastic exhibition in Turnhout came back and it was our job to catalogue the customized ones. Since it was impossible to wear them all, we got to choose our favorite one. (you can see me demonstrate it in the picture). It's designed by Özden Demir in Londen. I thought it was so cute, and it also has a great story. The designers sees mice like humans because on the on side they are so similar in their relations, but on the other side they can also be cruel and ugly like humans. This is why she chose three mice to symbolize a little group of society and how they deal with unfamiliar situations. What you might not see on the photo, is that the two grey mice are holding hands. The white mouse stays alone, because it has HIV. The focus of the shirt is one great misunderstanding concerning the transmission of AIDS/HIV. Many people think that AIDS could spread also through just touching. This behavior shows how cruel and selfish people can be when they don't know how to cope with such situations. Furthermore he wanted to emphasize the isolation, alienation and loneliness that a person can feel when facing such an illness. After reading the first part of the little text, I was a little embarrassed about finding the T-shirt so cute in the beginning. But it wasn't my fault, because Mr. Demir used extra cute toys to take out the seriousness and make people smile even when dealing with such a serious illness of our times. That's why I love this T-shirt, because it can be cute and still send the message DAA stands for!

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