Naked Dating
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Monday 9th of March 2015 02:38:23 PM

Yesterday I was sitting at home watching television. There wasn't really anything on it, so I just started to choose random channels. My eye fell on a show with the most revealing title (no pun intended): Dating Naked. Shows like that are always kind of funny, so I pressed ‘Watch', ready for any level of weirdness to come.

It wasn't that bad. Basically, there are two people who want to find the love of their life by going completely naked. I suppose their surroundings have to represent some kind of ‘Garden of Eden', but I don't think Adam and Eve had zip-lining and croquet involved. On television everything is blurred so that the ‘contestants' only reveal themselves to each other. And it seems kind of awkward for everyone. Except probably the filming crew.

After first going on a naked date with each other, the two contestants can go on a date with two other people. The dates are really weird and it obviously is meant to make them all look ridiculous on television but hey, isn't that why people watch these kind of programs? They go climb a rope, massage each other with chocolate and brown sugar and fly kites. At the end of the show they get to choose who they want to continue with.

This episode had two people -Mike and Candice- who liked each other immediately after their first date. Mike's second date was Diana, who apparently couldn't stop talking. At first I thought she was nervous because, well, who wouldn't be when meeting someone while you're completely naked except for a gigantic white hat and matching shoes. But on a drunk night, when it became obvious that Mike was more into Candice, Diana started crying and she wiped her make-up all over her face. Either she didn't know her eyeliner was smudged, or she just couldn't care less, because during one of the interviews it was still there. Candice had another date with a guy called Marcus. This seemed to work out well and when Mike stood her up one night, Candice chose Marcus over Mike to live happily ever after.

While watching this crazy show, all I kept thinking was ‘Well, they seem to be very confident with their bodies', which of course is amazing. They walked around in their artificial ‘Garden of Eden' without being ashamed and happily spread their legs when sitting on a chair, with no intentions to cover themselves. They probably forgot the show was being broadcasted on television for the whole world to see, no biggie!

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