Play Games, Talk Sex, Win Condoms!
Author: Niki Kro
Friday 9th of November 2012 04:37:05 PM

A Safe Bet to Sex Awareness on Your Campus. You want to promote safe sex among your fellow students in a relaxed
atmosphere? The best way is always to catch someone's interest through a interactive game. That's the idea of the "Condom Casino". Book it for your campus or university and you'll experience a special casino night full of prizes and safe sex awareness. Popular casino games were used to create new but very related games like Beer Goggle Black Jack, STD Bingo, and the Lucky In Love Dice Game. These inform youngster about topics like safe sex, sexual consequences, sexual choice and sexual identity in a very funny way. Unfortunately the Condom Casino is only on tour in America. So for all Americans, please check out and see whether Condom Casino is visiting your city too! XNikola

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