Rage Against AIDS
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 27th of February 2013 12:34:20 PM

My blue Monday came on a Thursday. I am feeling like a child at that age when you ask the question “Why?” hundreds of times per day. The different thing is that once grown up, people overthink when children usually don’t. Now the answers can be less obvious and more difficult to accept too. Why did the elections in Italy go so bad (again!)? And why do I have the feeling that the only way to do something good with my life is to leave my country? Why do people leave each other? And why do so many people seem to be so superficial? Why is it that after 30 years HIV is still a plague for mankind? And why is it so difficult for safe sex to become a habit?

Since it is impossible to give effective answers to my blue-Thursday-questions, my feeling right now is simply rage, as children feel when their questions are ignored. Life is made of layers of different events, feelings, habits and relationships. Growing up, everything becomes a mess. But when you have the right reasonsfor it, rage can be a good feeling. It is a source of energy and inspiration and gives you the opportunity to experience real moments of passion. Since we are not children anymore, we are not good in shifting our moods within seconds, so I will probably feel like this all day. The blue-Thursday is the day for people that are pissed off but don’t want to complain. They just need to kick some ass. Rage against AIDS is my motto for this blue Thursday!

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