Singing Against AIDS
Author: Dila Amalia
Friday 29th of May 2015 08:04:31 AM
Memeza is a dynamic and versatile South African Choir formed in 2005. The choir is made of melodic singers, vibrant dancers and drummers bringing out a spectacular African show which gives a new meaning to the traditional choir performance. Memeza was formed as a project to address social issues through music and dance. The purpose of the choir is to articulate the voices of people in South Africa and through choir they sing about their fights against poverty and HIV/AIDS. At the time this video was shot, the group was doing promotion and presenting their powerful new show 'Mandela in Me', which celebrates the life of the late world icon and carrying his messages of forgiveness, love, peace, and tolerance around the world. A couple of days ago the choir held a show in Luna Park, Melbourne (Australia) with a true fusion of South African spirit and culture, amazing vocals and dance moves as well as their traditional drums. Their amazing performance that combines both original local and international songs made the audiences aghast and left them emotionally charged. Just like them, you can also show your fight against HIV/AIDS. You can’t sing/dance or are not confident enough to do this kind of thing? Well, you’ll always have our website, Facebook page and Twitter that contain information about HIV/AIDS, which you can share with all of your friends, to keep both them and yourself happy and healthy. Let’s fight against HIV/AIDS together! Source: Watch their practice during a visit to ABC in Southbank, Melbourne:
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