SOS Frankie
Author: Niki Kro
Monday 28th of January 2013 05:35:22 PM

A couple of days ago Frankie Devuyst, the founder of HIV Association Belgium and really nice guy, visited us. During lunch we had the idea - I can't really remember how the topic came up exactly - of making a DAA version of 'SOS Piet' which is a popular cooking show in Belgium. It works this way: Chef Piet is called for help in a kitchen somewhere in Belgium, so he goes there and shows the people live in that house how to prepare a certain kind of dish in the correct way. In the end he always says, in a dark manly voice (in Flemish of course) "So, what did we learn today? 1. .., 2. .." Our remake is called 'SOS Frankie' and of course it deals less with cooking but more with safe sex - as you will see soon.

Today was our first hilarious filming day and hopefully tomorrow it'll be more of the same!


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