St. Patrick’s Day Parade In Boston Finally Admits Gay Groups
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Friday 13th of March 2015 11:44:07 AM

In Boston, St. Patrick's day has always been celebrated with a parade. However, for 114 years, gay groups and activists were prohibited to take part . This year a little more colour was allowed due to the organizers who lifted the ban on gay groups joining the festivities.

The South Boston Allied War Veteran's Council- the group that organizes the festivities- changed its former policy and told Boston Pride and Outvets - groups representing gay military veterans- that they could join the St. Patrick's Parade. Boston's Mayor Martin Walsh - who skipped last year's parade because of the exclusion of gay groups- now marched along . Many spectators watched the festivities with pride, happy that their city finally admits the diversity of its inhabitants.

President of Boston Pride Sylvain Bruno said: "South Boston is more diverse than it's ever been and our inclusion is a testament to change in the neighborhood". Bryan Bishop, founder of OutVets: "Finally in the city of Boston we're seeing the inclusivity we never thought we would see. This is personally one of the greatest days of my life."

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