That One Special Compliment
Author: Indra Moonen
Wednesday 27th of February 2013 12:35:44 PM


As you may or may not know today is national Compliments Day in Belgium. As far as compliments go I am one of those persons who likes nothing more than to get a compliment, though I have difficulty giving them. I don't know why, but I never seem to notice the need of one. And when I see a moment to give a compliment I mostly get so confused while doing it that I mess up.

I remember some yaers back, I was in love and as relationships go, there was a need for a compliment in the situation.

We were laying on the couch watching a movie, cozy together underneath a blanket. Her head was resting on my shoulder. At a romantic moment in the movie she turned her head, I did the same. Her big blue eyes looked into mine. A silence fell, my mind lost all connection to time and reality. As of that moment we were lost in the world of each others' eyes. Her chest was resting on my arm and I felt every little shiver, every heartbeat.

There was nowhere we'd rather be and the warmth of her body felt as a shield for everything bad in the world beyond ours.

In this moment of perfection I felt the need to give a compliment, something sweet to complete this already perfect moment. My mind raced through all the possibilities, but I couldn't find anything. As I felt the moment of opportunity was slipping away, I said: "Nice chest!".

I could have said: I love you, I love your heartbeat, This moment is perfect, You're perfect, I feel safe with you or the world could end and I wouldn't notice because this moment is all I need, but I didn't. No, I said: "nice chest".  I found myself in a beautiful world where we were the only two people in it and I bombed it to pieces.


On another note, as you may remember there is a competition going on between me and Indra called the sexy competition. At this moment I am winning! But as it is Compliments Day I'll be nice and give her a compliment:

Indra, as you read this, I love the way your positivity lights up my days, I love the way you look so vulnerable and cute but you are probably the most hardcore girl I have ever met and finally I love the way you cope with losing, I wouldn't be so calm in your position.


Elias (at the moment winning) Bosteels


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