The last leg
Author: Ninette Murk
Saturday 12th of June 2010 02:19:53 PM

Last wednesday we had our second last meeting! (Time flies when you're having fun!)

We went over our Pride-Week-Concept again, all logistics are taken care of, everyone knows what they'll be doing on the day and everybody is enthousiastic about it. PLEASE COME CHECK OUT OUR DAA-BOOTH AT PRIDE WEEK to find out more!


After we went over all our lists and all our questions were asked and answered, it was time for Michael and Steffi to explain what will happen at the preview opening of the IHAEC. This is all very exciting, we will get to re-build our DAA-Booth @ Mano Mundo in one of the student bedrooms. We will get to talk to the international press about what we've been up to these last few months. We're all hoping the IHAEC will get all the attention it deserves in the international press.We're all really excited and looking forward to the last leg of our DAA-Adventure.


xxx Rhea


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