The New Kid in DAA Town
Author: Evelien Peeters
Monday 8th of February 2016 03:21:45 PM

Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce myself as the new intern of Designers Against Aids. On a scale of 1 to 10 on how I excited I am to work here, I would say it’s a 10.

DAA is a project I have always admired, since it is such an important message they try to send out to young people. Having sex is something everyone does, having safe sex on the other hand, is something everyone should do.  A lot of people know that it’s essential to be safe, but they often have no idea why it is so important and what the effects of not being safe could be. Certainly in the western world, which is why I would love to help raise awareness for this good cause. I’m really looking forward to my time here and I expect to learn the many things you cannot learn behind the school desk.
Ninette already gave me some sneak peeks of what'
s about to come, and I must say it all sounds very pleasant!


This morning I already started unpacking T-shirts from Vive la Fête, that will be sold in an Antwerp store very soon.  Hopefully I can be an asset to DAA and help them reach their goal to raise awareness amongst youngsters, while learning a lot myself.

I also already love the view from ‘my office’ and the cats are all so fluffy I’m going to die! I love cats and hopefully they’ll love me too. You will hear (or rather, read) again from me a lot in the next few months.

Cheers -and always keep in mind: safety first! 


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