Trouble In Paradise in Vietnam
Author: Niki Kro
Friday 16th of November 2012 03:22:47 PM

For those of you who have just graduated from high school recently, are you still on "vacation"? Everyone should have it in order to see how it feels to float in the nothing - between school and your upcoming life at work, university or volunteer work. I think it is the strongest freedom feeling ever.
During my break I went on a trip with my best friend and her family to Vietnam. They were great and so kind to invite me to join their family visiting trip. For me it was surely the most amazing experience. I had the chance to discover a totally different culture-- and not in the usual touristic way, because I was hosted and lived with the local people.
Since DAA aims to inform you about HIV/AIDS in all every aspects, here are some facts about HIV/AIDS in Vietnam:
According to (which is always a good website to check out for information!), in 2010 there were 280 thousand people--out of 89.8 million - living with HIV in the country. After doing some research, I found a little organization called: Smile Group; Friends of Thay Hung, located in Ho Chi Minh City - better known as Saigon. The group works with HIV+ people but especially with kids. Although the law forbids discrimination against it, life is still very hard for people infected with the virus, due to the bad stigma which is still really common there. Plus the access to medication is still quite poor.
After sending messages to my friends who live there with some questions about HIV/AIDS in Vietnam, I'm really looking forward to writing a second blog entry about this! X Nikola

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