Update Your Status
Author: Dila Amalia
Thursday 11th of June 2015 06:21:53 AM
I'm a social media user and I believe that most of you are as well. I often update my status on social media, be it just pictures, my feelings and thoughts, or to share some interesting links. And most of my friends do the same thing: update their status. Not only on social media, but using chat applications as well such as Line Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger and Whatsapp. I can't help thinking: "Well, people tend to update their status. What about their HIV status, have they updated that yet?" Maybe you think that it's unnecessary, but believe me: you have to know your status, especially if you've taken part in any activities that have the potential to infect you with the HIV virus. So guys, have you updated your status yet? Being well informed is more important than ever these days!
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