We Are All (Good) Stalkers!
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Wednesday 19th of February 2014 05:34:36 PM

We are all little stalkers. I sometimes spend hours scrolling through my Facebook feed, clicking on random statuses then checking the profile of the guy/girl, making up my mind about their personality based on their Facebook profile…  Hey, don’t judge me! You would be lying if you said the Walhalla of information that you can find on social media never tempted you.


And you are not the only one. Check out this Belgian commercial for safe online banking. It starts out with this amazing psychic who is even capable of mindreading your bank account number. And you see his clients being sceptic at first but then they are genuinely impressed. Damn, I know I would be! Oh and then the curtain drops… And you see a full team working on computers with all their social media profiles open.  Oops!  Of course a medal has two sides. The good thing is that social media and its wide range can also be used to spread important information. And that’s what we do!  You guys reading us just makes it so much better.

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