We are in Belgium, at DAA, we are so happy to be here!
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Monday 5th of September 2011 12:19:38 PM





My room mate is Clizia, she's from Turin in Italy and I'm Alexandra from Spain, Barcelona, we both studied fashion and tonight the third volunteer will arrive, Venyamin from Ukraine.

On the first day -the second of Clizia- we went to see the fireworks near to our new temporary home together with DAA crew member Peke, it was great!



This week is the 66th anniversary of the liberation of Antwerp, so it’s a great welcome as there are a lot of people and concerts everywhere and the weather is also perfect, so sunny and warm.


Today we went with DAA director Ninette to the city center and she took us for a drink to a ecological/healthfood place called Lombardia, very tasty and healthy! Nona, the daughter of Ninette joined us and then Clizia and I went to the new Forever 21 store, it was very crowded as it was the official opening today, then we went to Dries Van Noten and some vintage shops and finally we enjoyed a Belgian beer :)


We’re at home now, we had dinner already (pasta with scampi), there are 3 amazing cats walking around -all different- and it’s a very happy home environment, great!

This is only our second day so this experience has just started, we are starting this adventure in Antwerp! And now.... out to celebrate Saturday night!



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