We rocked Mano Mundo
Author: Ninette Murk
Saturday 15th of May 2010 05:08:36 PM

Hi again!

Last weekend (8-9/05) we spent the weekend at Mano Mundo,
Our DAA-Booth was a succes!

We had a free t-shirt customizing workshop, a wall people could write their safe sex messages on, and you could leave a 'safe-sex'-related videomessage.


Our message was LOVE=CARE=SAFETY and we spread the word by sticking 'handle with care' and 'fragile' tape on passers by, tried to convince them that they should write on our wall or leave a video message. In return they got condoms. for free!

The first day was a big succes with lots of young people making their own customized 'safe sex' t-shirts. Ellen and Wim were busy bees, sewing them all together.


The second day we took things even further and spray painted safe sex messages on peoples clothes (and legs and thighs and even faces!)


We surely got our safe sex message across and handed out lots of condoms to young people, hopefully they'll use 'em wisely!


Click HERE for more pictures. 


XXX Rhea


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