We're back again :-)
Author: Niki Kro
Friday 12th of October 2012 04:04:21 PM

This week Tova and me were on a arrival training, which is a part of our EVS. So to make things more clear, we start from the beginning and explain everything. Some of you might not know what EVS is, it stands for European Volunteer Service. It's a great way for the youth in Europe to volunteer and discover a foreign country within the continent.

So about the arrival training: It lasted about 4 days and took place in Dilbeek, close to Brussels. On the picture you see how hard we ‘worked' :-) ( Don't take some of the tapes too seriously. There was a girl that had a bit of strange sense of humor...) But it wasn't all fun and games, we learnt a lot about EVS and did a project which ended in a little presentation in front of the whole group. It was a great way to find new friends from all over Europe since there were about 30 students.... and a lot of Germans! This gave me a hard time, since I had to focus myself on not speaking German all the time... Tova was unluckily the only person from Scandinavia, but that doesn't matter. There were also people from Spain and a lot more which I will not talk about, because otherwise this blog entry would seem more like a list of countries in Europe. :-) It was funny to see all the different cultures. One time we had a discussion about values and it got very loud. We were separated in little groups and we couldn't find a conclusion at all. So far for the 'little' differences. We did have a great time though, and also found out that our project at DAA is one of the most extraordinary. We love it here and that makes it even more special and interesting! Of course, the ‘homey' feeling we get here, adds an extra touch to our trip!


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