Who’s Afraid To Get Closer?
Author: M. G.
Thursday 5th of December 2013 03:31:36 PM

Pro Infirmis is a Swiss organization that deals with disabled people by helping them in their everyday life, as well as providing them with services related to education, work and finance.

For the International Day of Persons with Disabilities the organization decided to make a statement by promoting the visibility of disabled people in the world of media and fashion.

Mannequins in boutiques' windows were modelled on the body of 5 people affected by body malformations or amputations. Jasmine Rechesteiner - a Miss Handicap affected by a spine malformation - and Erwin Aljukić - an actor with by brittle bone disease - were two of the models chosen for the campaign. Here you can find a short but super-intense documentary about the project.

I admit that this campaign really shocked me and it was quite impressive to observe the moment when the models ‘met' the mannequins for the first time. You can see them looking at the copies of their body and getting closer just to touch them. If one of them allowed us, would we touch their body in the same way? Think about it.

‘Because Who Is Perfect? Get Closer' is the title of the project and it perfectly shows what the point of view is of people who are living with disabilities. This project is not asking for pity or compassion and these models are normal people, with normal feelings and a normal life. They don't need anything from those who are afraid of them or who just feel awkward in their presence; they are perfectly fine without the help or comprehension of ‘normal' people. They know that there are no walls between who has a perfect body and who is disabled -sadly, the opposite is not true.

We all live in the same world, we can learn a lot from each other and we can get close to each other as much as we want. When we don't do that, it's just out of personal choice.


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