Why Use Testino When You Have Tasula?
Author: Saleta A. I.
Tuesday 21st of October 2014 03:11:25 PM


Here it is, the making of the first photo shoot for the DAA Online Charity Store! Angie, the model, is an art student from Taiwan. She knows how to be at ease in front of the camera and totally owns the space she stands in!

Behind the camera is our volunteer Maria Tasula who shot such beautiful images... this girl just radiates artistic talent! It was a pleasure to see how they worked!

As you can see in our online charity store, we have a lot of great clothes and accessories for women and men, from Dolce & Gabbana to Dries Van Noten, from Rick Owens to Balenciaga and many more. If you buy something you will be supporting our work, as 100% of all sales will be used for running the education center and the various projects of DAA.



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