Alicia Keys ‘Not Okay With Stigma For Another Thirty Years… I Have Things To Do’
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Thursday 29th of August 2013 03:47:21 PM

Alicia Keys proves she can not only use her voice for singing: for many years she’s been fighting - just like us - for a HIV free generation. She has it right when she says that somehow, in America – and honestly, everywhere else – we got the idea that it’s not ‘our’ disease, that it’s something that’s ‘over there’ ,‘a gay disease’ or ‘a dirty disease’. Well, it is not. She made it her goal to prove so when starting her new campaign ‘Empowered’. For example, did you know that in America 1 out of 4 newly infected people is a woman? And not just ‘that type of woman’.

In 'Empowered' some of these women talk about their experiences of living with HIV. Women that are just like you and me: moms, students and businesswomen, each with a different story.

One of them got infected during her marriage and another woman had HIV positive parents who didn’t know their status. 

There was one sentence that summarized it quite well: 

‘And pretty much everyone who becomes HIV positive says: I didn’t think it could happen to me… Until it happened to me.’

But instead of keeping quiet about it, they decided to act and fight… To become empowered.

‘They reminded me that as women we are so unlimited in our power’ - something that Alicia Keys, but also our own Ninette Murk proves every day in the fight against AIDS.

Check out the interview here 

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