"It Starts With Me" Because I'm Awesome
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 22nd of May 2013 03:09:13 PM

The amazing "It Starts With Me" campaign from the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) is now running in the UK. The concept of this project is simple and successful: we already have the weapons to defeat the disease and these weapons are the HIV tests, treatment and obviously CONDOMS. "But they are just tools - it is down to all of us as individuals to make it happen. ...You can stop HIV harming you and the ones you care about". How awesome is to be part of this huge change? It's not difficult; you just need to take care!
The campaign targets especially the most endangered communities in the UK, the gay and the black communities, so different online spots and online platforms were created in order to address both the categories. While the videos explain in detail how to stop the spreading of the disease, the "It Starts With Me" online platforms give you a wide range of practical information. You can find the nearest clinic in the UK where you can be tested - you just need to enter your zip code. You can also order a free postal HIV test that will be send to you. You need to wait some days though due to the current high demand of these tests - but this, in my opinion, is just more good news.
I really appreciate this campaign since the power of the individual is highly valued: fighting HIV is a day-to-day effort and not just a billionaire scientific international race. People are not stupid, they just need to know what to do and how, since we already have everything we need to make the difference. Big changes worldwide always happen when the whole concept on common people changes, there is no other way. It seems that Designer Against AIDS and the THT already knew this little secret. This is why we are so awesome! :P






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