Even If He's your Type, What About His Exes?
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 19th of June 2013 02:58:11 PM

I must say I was extremely shocked when I first saw this HIV/AIDS awareness video by MTV Staying Alive Foundation. Why? The first time you sleep with someone you don't know so well, you simply don't think about his or her previous sexual partners. This fact does not mean that, in a way, you are not also sleeping with them. And this is even more true if we consider the fact that they might've 'forgotten' to use a condom...



Have you ever thought about the fact that some of them might not have been 'your type'? Have a look at the spot and take a minute to reflect. You can be relaxed and enjoy your time with your new mate but just use a condom. I don't think you want to think about all those not-charming-at-all expartneres while you're trying to enjoy your time together.. Or do you?








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